Babies, Kids and Haiku

(Note: What follows is a short essay on how this society is unfair to children and why. If you wish, skip down to the part called Babies and Kids, which is the main purpose of this page.)

Introductory Remarks

Most modern art is in service of “post-democratic” dictatorships, CEO’s and the 1%. What you are about to see here is my art, which is the opposite of this. Continue reading “Babies, Kids and Haiku”

“Staying Amazed”: Universal Realism and the Science of Seeing

This also contains notes an essay on

Beyond Style: Realism: the Real Art of the Last 600 Years

. To see this art exhibit as a PDF , follow this by clicking here:

Museum Show Proposal “Staying Amazed”


My trilogy, collectively called Persistant Fictions, also contains a few essays on art. I situate art history with a wide cultural and historical context. Some of this is in the following exhibit, but much more is in the essays on Praxiteles: “Misuses of Scholarship in the Making of the Myth” and  “Beyond the Dead End of Traditional and (Post)/Modernist Aesthetics”

See also my Blog which contains many essays on my art and that of others. Here: